From Wannapreneur To A succesful Entrepreneurial Journey Of Digital Souvik.

‘Entrepreneur’ is a person who is already running a business, while, ‘Wannapreneur’ is a person who has some idea, and is looking to start his entrepreneurial journey.
Souvik Roy one of the Brightest leading Entrepreneurs Started his journey from a small town chakdaha in West Bengal. From the childhood only Souvik was very much tech savvy. He started to to use internet from his mother’s feature phone when most of the people didn’t knew about Internet. He used to play games on Nokia mobile. He was very much Interested in technology. When he got his first smartphone in his family he was very much happy. He used to learn Intersting technical features. Everyone in his family and his neighbours visit to him for any Technical issue on their mobiles. They used to get shocked how a small boy can do everything. As time passed he wanted to be a successful youtuber and wanted fame. But unfortunately with lack of Digital skills he was unable to grow in any field.

He used his father’s credit card and purchased some digital marketing courses and started his journey. He started affiliate marketing freelancing but he failed, he didn’t stop and learnt from his mistakes and didn’t repeat it. He learnt many more skills and gradually become and started to get immense results.He Has been able to Grow his Social Networks. Helped 1000s of coaches and consultants to start their online business and startup.
He has taken more than 15 + seminars and 50 + workshops.

He is succesfully Running his Social Media Marketing Agency and Also Helping Students and Professionals to learn Digital skills like Digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, Graphic designing, Freelancing, startup, time management, crypto and stock market, blogging, Influencer mastery, video editing mastery and many more From his very own App Digihap , where you can learn Practically By interacting with India’s top leaders.

A message souvik wants to Convey that Never stop Doing what you want. And find your niche which is very much important in a business.Dream big work hard make it happen. Stay focused and Fight against all the Difficulties in life and keep going.He belives consistency is the key, by his consistent effort and hard work now he has been able to Deliver Values to Nation and Helping people getting Results.

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