Meet leading Restauranteur Varun Batra, the man behind iconic brands like ‘Peddlers Amritsar’ and ‘Around the Clock’

Born in Mumbai and brought up in Amritsar Varun Baatra is the Game Changer in Hospitality Industry. This out of ordinary young entrepreneur is a huge attraction among Amritsarian people. Varun Batra kept pushing his limits above and beyond other people at his early twenties. At the age of just 18 he started his own Travel Company.

As a Game-Changer in the industry, Varun Batra introduced the people of Amritsar to the Nightlife by opening the first pub in Amritsar named “Peddlers Amritsar” which was also a Frenchised Outlet. Due to the superb quality of the food and the innovative Top of the line Ambiance, the pub was an immediate success in Amritsar. Varun broke the stereotypes of the pubs and took his pub’s safety measures to the highest grade. Eventually “Peddlers Amritsar” became a Landmark it Amritsar and His pub was an immediate hit amongst young people. Today it is the most classy place in the town for these obvious reasons.

Varun Batra is one of the few businessman who kept his integrity intact from the negative impacts of Covid. Lockdown and its impact could not shake his will to get right back up, so he started a unique and ingenious brand named “AROUND THE CLOCK”. This ground-breaking brand was a fusion between Grocery store and also a café. But the protruding thing of this store that stood out from a mile in the town is it is open 24*7. He infused daily essentials with a place to chill out with friends and family and as a result, AROUND THE CLOCK was also a huge milestone in his career. They have already opened 2 outlets in Amritsar and the plan to open it’s 3rd outlet in next 2 months of time.

This High-flying young entrepreneur likes to travel round the globe and party at his time off. Varun’s drive and determination now is to step-up his brand to the next level by spreading his empire all accross India within couple of years. Varun Batra’s success story will inspire generations to come.

You can follow his daily life on Instagram:

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