Top 5 Emerging Talented Personalities Of Contemporary Literature

The top five emerging talented personalities of contemporary literature are Piyush Babosa Baid, Devika Das, Padmaja Bharti, Chitranksha Parmar and Ka’Ron Gaines.

They said A Pen Is Mightier Than A Sword, and these amazing modern day writing talents have shown that the baton has been passed successfully to the newer generations.


Piyush Babosa Baid is an Indian author and interior designer. He holds the world record for his phenomenal concept of reverse parenting. He also finds happiness in landscape designing

Piyush Babosa Baid from Surat Gujarat who was born on the 24th day of April, is the one in the literature industry which is a completely different universe in itself, a contrast to reality. He had wished to make his career in this industry while he had also left a few remarkable images here.

Author Piyush Babosa Baid is one of the industry’s most creative and reputed authors, recently launched his second storybook “THE GIFT OF UNIVERSE”. He is an interior designer by profession and a passionate author. He keeps his routine in check by working during the daytime at his profession and penning down his thoughts at night. His earlier book was “BEACH TIME STORIES”.

The author writes quotes and stories in the English language and poems in Hindi. He also tries to find a world of happiness by writing. Because the author strongly believes that a writer is a swimmer of the ocean called words, they get and collect meaningful and creative for readers. As an author, he also believes that writers are one of the book covers of success.


Devika Das is an award-winning author and actor. She pursues her passion for writing and theatre in Hyderabad. She has recently published a children’s book titled The Climate Ninja published by Merlinwand, Hyderabad. Her title ‘The Mind Game’ is a national bestseller and is now available at bookstores in London. Her Hindi short story ‘Meghna’ with Blue Rose Publishers is a bestseller on Amazon. She is a theatre artist with Nishumbita Ballet & Theatre, Hyderabad and has won the National Award for the short films Waterman and The Silent Voice directed by Anshul Sinha. She has been invited as a speaker for many national literary festivals, TED Circles and also judged several literary competitions organized by schools and colleges. Currently, she is working as a Content Strategist for an IT Company in Hyderabad.

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Padmaja Bharti is a fashion designer turned bestselling author, artist, blogger and verified musical artist. She rose to fame in the literary field with her debut book Rhime of Time. Currently, with three books under her belt, she is working on her fourth. Padmaja has been featured and appreciated by several national and international media for her excellent work.

Padmaja Bharti’s List of Books:

1. Rhime of Time

2. Wondering of Indian International Ethics

3. Ethical Economics from History to The Modern World

4. Kashyapm (To be released)

Rhime of Time and Wondering of Indian International Ethics by Padmaja Bharti have trended in the bestseller list in India. All her books are available online in paperback and Kindle format in Amazon, Flipkart and other major platforms. Her books will soon also be available at leading book stores like Crossword, Landmark, etc. Readers, reviewers, and media have given the best of the best reviews for both these books.

Apart from writing, Padmaja is a fashion designer too who had graduated from NIFT, Kolkata. She is a popular blogger and has over 75k followers on Instagram. She has shared several videos, pictures, and Reels on Instagram and her content is loved by one and all. She even has a good fan following and fan pages on social media.

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Padmaja Bharti is also a verified musical artist who has an artist profile on all major platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana, YouTube Music, Boomplay, iTunes, Wynk Music Instagram music, Facebook music MxPlayer etc. Her song titled Number One Bullshit Man in collaboration with Author Abhishek Kapoor has trended on Instagram with several creators from various parts of the world using it for their content.


She is Chitranksha Parmar, a girl from a small town of U.P but not with small dreams. She is 15 years old. Her father’s name is Mr. Sunil Parmar & her mother’s name is Mrs. Rajni Chauhan. Her nicknames are Nishi & Chitra.  She is not a passionate writer but she has the ability to write. She always tries to explain her feelings & society’s scene with her pen.

Writing makes her happy and she wants to express herself through it. She believes that it’s easy to explain feelings by pen than share them with any person. She believes in Karma.

People say that Chitra is an atheist but she believes in the power of Mahadeva, Bajarangbali & Krishna Ji. She gave her writeup in 270+ books as a co-author and also compiled 10+ anthologies. She is a very talkative girl, an angry bird by nature but a kind-hearted girl. She can easily attract a person through her talk. She is a good speaker. Whether she feels happy or low, she always has her diary and pen beside her as her companion. She is interested in photography, driving, shooting, fighting, writing & others.

She explores herself in a different field to enhance her skills and tries to keep updated

You can find her on:

Instagram:- clu_elesswriter_03 Itx___c_h_i_t_r_a_09

YouTube:- Nishika_Parmar


The Global Literary Sensation and Creator of the term Woke Seed Ka’Ron Gaines aka Mr. One God recently created a world record for writing and publishing six books on the same day. Ypsilanti based entrepreneur, author, recording artist and activist Ka’Ron Gaines is also the founder of One God Publishing and One God Clothing.

Fondly known as Mr. One God, Ka’Ron Gaines is the global literary sensation based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. He is the Creator of the popular term ‘Woke Seed’ which was recently incorporated into the Urban Dictionary. It means a conscious being that spreads enlightenment to others for them to enlighten themselves.  He rose to global fame after publishing his first book Woke Seed Book. Children and adults from all corners of the world were highly inspired by Light and his journey.

We wish each one of them the best in all their future endeavours and look forward to more literary masterpieces from them in the future.

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