Wondering how to market your books? Abhishek Kapoor, Ka’Ron Gaines, Abhinav Shukla, and Amrita Singh answered all queries in an impactful Instagram live!.

Book Marketing is one of the most important aspects for an author or a publisher. With thousands of books hitting the global market regularly, it is very easy for a book to get lost and not reach the target readers due to an incorrect marketing strategy by the author or the punisher.

The show, titled BOOK MARKETING MASTERCLASS focused on how to create better strategies to market a book. The guests included International Bestselling Author and trendsetter in the marketing and PR industry, Author Abhishek Kapoor, Global Literary Sensation, Creator of Woke Seed term, and World Record Holder Ka’Ron Gaines, Marketing Guru and Founder of Collabadda, Abhinav Shukla. The show was hosted by the very talented book blogger and PR expert Amrita Singh. Abhinav Shukla, Abhishek Kapoor, Ka’Ron Gaines and Amrita Singh went live on Instagram to conduct the Book Marketing Masterclass!

“Influencer Marketing has certainly emerged as one of the most trending strategies for brands to gain visibility as well as reach people through their trusted face,” explained Author and Marketing Trendsetter Abhishek Kapoor, as he added, “Viral Marketing and Youth Marketing are also the key aspects in a good book marketing strategy.”

“It’s very important to connect with other authors and publishers and follow what they are doing,” said Ka’Ron Gaines. He also stated that hiring a book marketing agency is certainly a good way to help boost the overall publicity of the book. He revealed about his upcoming book, stressed on the fact that if a person mimics his style, then that person may not be able to get as much success as him. “Originality is the key to Creativity.”

“I don’t consider the person who promotes brands on all his/her posts to be an influencer. Why would anyone follow you if you just promote brands? Nobody is interested. Unless you provide something valuable and helpful to the people through your content, you are not a good influencer,” said Abhishek as he went on to name Yog Guru and business tycoon Baba Ramdev as one of the influencers from the real world.

“Influencers are the one who influence people in the real sense of the word. Anyone can copy the idea and content from others, but what’s the unique selling point then?,” said Abhinav. He also shared an example of a YouTube channel having 190k+ subscribers but millions of views on all their videos.

The event, which was hosted by Amrita through the Cherry Book Awards page, was a smash hit. The organizers would also like to thank Punjab Bytes for being the news partners and helping take this valuable session to as many people as possible.

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Know the key people:

Abhishek Kapoor – Author, Entrepreneur, Trendsetter in Marketing and PR Industry

Abhishek Kapoor aka Author Abhishek Kapoor is an International Bestselling Author, award winning serial entrepreneur, a verified music producer, a filmmaker, trendsetter in the marketing and PR industry and an eminent and zealous business person. He is known for International Bestselling books The Pride of t20 cricket and The Selfish Betrayals. Recently, the global literary sensation and world record holder Ka’Ron Gaines penned a book about Abhishek Kapoor, referring to him as the brother he hasn’t met yet. Another book titled Abhishek Kapoor: The Definition of Honesty has been written about him by Agnibho Mitra.

Ka’Ron Gaines – Global Literary Sensation

Fondly known as Mr. One God, Ka’Ron Gaines is the global literary sensation based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. He is the Creator of the popular term ‘Woke Seed’ which was recently incorporated into the Urban Dictionary. It means a conscious being that spreads enlightenment to others for them to enlighten themselves.  He rose to global fame after publishing his first book Woke Seed Book. Children and adults from all corners of the world were highly inspired by Light and his journey.

Ka’Ron Gaines recently created a world record by writing and publishing six books on the same day (7th Feb, 2022) in association with Digital Golgappa and Inkzoid Foundation. He is also known for his music, and freelance acting. Gaines is also the founder of One God Publishing and One God Clothing.

Abhinav Shukla

Abhinav Shukla is a Marketing Guru and popular Indian entrepreneur. He is the founder of Collabadda, the world of collaborations for influencers in India. He is known for his contribution to the society through his foundation Ayushka, and is currently based in Delhi. Influencer Marketing, Youth Marketing, Collaborations, Twitter Marketing, Meme Marketing are some of his areas of expertise.

Amrita Singh

Amrita is an avid bibliomaniac, book reviewer, compiler, and nano influencer. She reviewed 100+ books within a shorter time. She is working on Content Creation, PR, Strategy, and Campaign management. Holds A Master Degree In English Literature. Her writing was published in the national level magazine. She loved Writing and Expressing her thoughts through poetry and quotes

She fetched a chance to become a co-author of the anthology book and working on few anthologies, She is also a published writer. Winner, of the title future star in the category of the best book reviewer organized by Cherry Book Awards. Also, obtain the Achievers Award of the year 2021 in the category Poet, Writer, Book Reviewer.

You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Instagram at @artistic_.amy

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